What our clients are saying

"I am an asphalt/soils inspector and tester for King County and have worked with many asphalt paving crews over the last fifteen years. I had the pleasure of working with your crew on a road project for King County DOT on Preston-Fall City Road, the summer of 2005. From that experience I decided that this was the crew that I wanted to pave my driveway." Geralyn, Fall City

"We want to thank you for listening to our needs and also for your suggestions in grading and paving our driveway. We are very pleased with the work you did and amazed at how hard, fast and efficient your workers performed their jobs." Ben and Bonnie, Redmond

"I'm one of many who are pleased with the work that Leonard Sutter and his crew do. Twenty years ago, Sutter Paving put in the driveway for my then new house and the other houses in the development. In the intervening years, the front part of the driveway sank significantly. Leonard and his team came in and built up the front drive area with rock and other material, and installed new asphalt. In the course of the work, they found that there was not enough support under the garage floor, a problem that contributed to the driveway sinking at the front. Leonard called the folks at SlabJack and described the problem to them and suggested filling under the garage floor. (I'd previously had SlabJack out for an estimate.) After the asphalt was installed, Leonard also arranged for a company to come out and put a rubber seal on the seam between the new and old sections of the driveway, and to sealcoat the entire drive. Those folks did a very nice job as well. With many years of experience in all kinds of paving work, Leonard is a master at what he does, and he and his crew are great to work with. I highly recommend Sutter Paving." Angies List

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