Frequent Asked

What about the weather affecting scheduled paving operations?

Paving operations are weather dependent. If it is just morning mist or very light rain, we will sometimes work through it. If it is raining heavily or snowing, we normally reschedule the project until a dry day.

Asphalt can be applied year round provided temperature and ground conditions are adequate.

If we have paving done, how long before we can use that area for parking, access to the garage, etc?

In most cases the pavement may be driven on the next day.

How long will it take to pave my driveway?

Most residential driveways are completed in one day.

What is “sealing”?

Sealing is the process of applying a commercial-grade protective coating over the finished asphalt. The sealant seeps into minute holes in the asphalt, binds with the asphalt molecules, and protects it against weather and other destructive forces.

Sealing any paving surface is similar to “water proofing” a new wood deck or putting a protective rust inhibitor or polyethylene coating on outdoor furniture. In most instances, “sealing” is recommended following a period of curing for the asphalt. In some situations it can be applied immediately following compaction. Seal coat will protect and beautify your driveway. It is purely an option you may choose.

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